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Nano470™ IC80 High Strength Construction Adhesive
NO UV Radiation Needed
That's 100% Safe For You
Nano470™ High Strength Adhesive will simply amaze you. Not only is the bonding of glass to glass and glass to metal extremely strong, Nano470 sets (cures) using only a white fluorescent light.
Nano470™ High Strength Adhesive is therefore safer to use in the work place, without compromising strength. We are confident that used in the correct manner, our product will be as strong, if not stronger than the product that you currently use.

The Incredible Strength Of IC80 High Strength Adhesive
50 grams
200 grams
Broken Glass Table Bonded Back Together
Metal Fitting Bonded To A Glass Top
Using Nano470 IC80 To Bond A Shower Header
Glass Box Construction
and there are many other uses for IC80 High Strength Glass Construtive Adhesive...

It is the responsibility of the end user to test Nano470™ IC80 for strength, bond-ability and observe any characteristics which appear when used with specific glass materials, and on particular projects. It is essential that thorough testing occurs to satisfy the end user that Nano470™ IC80 is indeed the correct bonding adhesive to be used for a particular application/project.

The information provided by Nano470™ or its agents as well as any technical information given either in writing or verbally or based on our tests are provided to the best of our knowledge. They are however non-binding recommendations and do not affect your responsibility to determine the correctness of given recommendations and suitability of our products for your particular applications. The application ,use or processing of our products as well as the production of products based on our technical advice or recommendations are beyond our control and therefore fall exclusively in the users area of responsibility. Sales of our products are subject to our latest sales and delivery conditions.

The video demonstrations may not cover the full application sequences of your application. They are a guide only and should not be used as absolute instructions. For instruction download from this website.

White Light Curable Adhesive
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